CPB Canada Health Benefits Program

CPB Canada Health Benefits Program

CPB Canada Member Exclusive

Plans available even if you're a team of ONE!

"Offering health benefits to our staff and clients was a game changer. Across the board, we see growing employee satisfaction and higher productivity. We're proud to bring health benefits to all!"

Sam Vassa

PaymentEvolution CEO

Dear CPB Canada Member,

For way too long...

...health & dental benefits have been a luxury reserved for big corporations & their lucky staff. Some SMBs try to secure a benefits plan only to be let down by impossibly long & complicated applications. For many, accessing health benefits has been a pipe dream.

Everything has changed...

...PaymentEvolution has partnered with CPB Canada & Sirius Benefits to give you easy access like never before.

We've simplified the application process

We've made competitive pricing possible

We've given you access to flexible options

We're eager to show you just how amazing this offer is (bonuses and all)! You owe it to yourself to know your options.

Don't wait another minute to get the benefits you deserve.

Bob Mathur
Managing Director
Health Benefits

Do Health Benefits Matter?

The numbers don't lie...

A Growing Business Issue

Mental health accounts for 70% of disability costs

1 in 5 Canadians will face mental health issues this year

Every week 500k Canadians miss work due to their mental health

(Source: Canadian Mental Health Association)

We Underestimate The Suffering

54% of plan members have at least one chronic condition

67% of plan members have a chronic condition or chronic pain

Meanwhile, plan sponsors estimate only 39% of staff are suffering

(Source: 2019 Sanofi Healthcare Survey)

Health Benefit Programs Pay Off

69% of workers with benefits think more positively of employers

56% of business owners see higher productivity & attendance

63% of employees say they prefer health benefits vs. $5000 cash

(Source: 2019 Sanofi Healthcare Survey)

Offering Health Benefits Is Good Business

That's why we're proud to bring you a solution built for you & your team.

Announcing the...

CPB Canada Health Benefits Program

Exclusive Dental, Medical & Vision Plans & Pricing - Only For CPB Canada Members

Brought to you by PaymentEvolution, Sirius Benefits & CPB Canada

What's Included?

Check out the comprehensive coverage included in every single plan!


$0 Deductible


Exams, X-Rays, Cleanings, Fillings, Extractions


$75 Eye Exams / 2 Years -
Children Eligible Annually


Massage, Chiro, Physio,
Naturopath & MORE!

AD&D & Life

Accidental Death & Dismemberment
& $25K Life Coverage


$5M / Person For
Trips Up To 180 Days!


100% Coverage
For Every Ride!


Private Duty
Nursing Coverage


Therapeutic Equipment
& Devices

Hearing Aid

$500 Coverage
Every 5 Years

Choose Your Plan

Select your customized benefit tier to suit your specific needs and budget!

Bronze Plan

Single & Family Plans Available


Drug & Dental Reimbursements

$300/Paramedical Practitioner/Year

Drug Coverage Up To $1000/Year

Dental Individual Max $750/Year

Dental Exams Every 9 Months

Regular Hospital Stays

Silver Plan


Single & Family Plans Available


Drug & Dental Reimbursements

$500/Paramedical Practitioner/Year

Drug Coverage Up To $5000/Year

Dental Individual Max $1000/Year

Dental Exams Every 6 Months

Semi-Private Hospital Stays

Gold Plan

Best Plan

Single & Family Plans Available


Drug & Dental Reimbursements

$500/Paramedical Practitioner/Year

Drug Coverage Unlimited/Year

Dental Individual Max $1500/Year

Dental Exams Every 6 Months

Semi-Private Hospital Stays

Why Offer Employee Benefits?

Attract & Retain Quality Employees
Build Morale, Loyalty & Employee Satisfaction
Tax-Free Benefits For Staff & Deductible Premiums For Business

Why Choose An CPB Canada Plan

Simple Pricing, Easy Application & Quick Set-Up
Fully Pooled Plan To Ensure Sustainable Premiums
Exclusively Built For, & Available To, CPB Canada Members ONLY!

Why PaymentEvolution?

Easy-To-Understand Documentation
We Help One-On-One With Your Application
We're Trusted & Loved By More Than 20,000 Companies

What Else Should I know?

Submit Claims Via Mobile App
Fast 48-Hour Claims Processing!!
Highest Security Standards For Your Data


We believe in the CPB Canada Health Benefits Program so much, we are sweetening the deal. We want you to begin reaping the benefits ASAP, so if you sign up for health benefits today, we'll throw in...

PaymentEvolution Payroll - Business Plan
One Full Year Membership

HR At Your Service
Direct Phone & Email Consultant Access

Mental Health Resources, Information & Training

World Care
Access Leading Providers of Quality Second Medical Opinions

We cannot guarantee these bonuses will be here forever.
Get your quote today to cash in on this extra value!


What if I already have a plan?

Great! If you have an existing plan or coverage through your spouse, we can help you get more comprehensive coverage. We can work with you to get a quote that co-ordinates with your existing coverage. Co-ordinating health benefit plans is a great way to top up health and dental benefits to full coverage and allow you access to more disability, critical illness and life insurance coverage.

Who can I talk to about plan options?

We're happy to help guide you through the decision-making process, answer all your questions, and discuss the best options and fit for you. Just complete the form below and a health benefits specialist will get back to you!

Do I have to be an CPB Canada member to purchase one of these plans?

Yes. We have built these custom plans and pricing tiers specifically for CPB Canada members. If you're not an CPB Canada member, you can find information on membership here or contact us for a custom quote.

I already have an Individual Health and Dental Plan with Benefits - Why should I apply?

Individual plans often offer limited options and coverage at a higher price than group plans. The CPB Canada plans have been designed to offer you more coverage and better value. Apply now to find out more!

What is a pooled plan and why is it a good thing?

A pooled plan is when a group of people and/or businesses unify to secure better rates and better coverage options. Pooled plans are typically a better option for small firms that don't have access to competitive pricing or plan designs on their own.

Will my premium ever change?

Each year on June 1 premiums will renew, and rates may be adjusted. You will be notified in advance of any change


For a short time, we are putting CPB Canada Members at the front of the line and prioritizing a limited number of applications. These spots will fill up fast and the best way to secure your spot is to request your quote immediately.

Take advantage of this incredible program and the time-limited bonuses ASAP! Get your 100% risk-free, no-obligation quote now. There is literally no better time.

Act Now!

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