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How do I switch to PaymentEvolution?
A: Simplifying your payroll, HR, and benefits with the fully integrated PayEvo service is simple.

First, make sure you have the latest payslips for each employee – you’ll need this data to continue accurate payroll calculations for the remainder of the year. From there, inform your old provider that you intend to switch so that they can issue special Records of Employment (ROEs) to Service Canada, letting them know PayEvo will be automating your payroll. It’s that easy.
Are remittance payments to the CRA and Revenu Québec automated?
A: Yes! Not only is your payroll tax withholding accurately calculated on every pay run — payments to the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenu Québec are fully automated. You’ll even get automatically filed year-end tax slips for all your employees and contractors.
Can this be integrated with my accounting system?
A: Finance people rejoice! PayEvo has built-in integrations with the most popular cloud accounting services – including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, Kashoo, and Sage. Other systems can receive a detailed GL via XML. Payroll expenses are seamlessly recorded to the right GLs.
Best of all, PayEvo will even automate your payables by scheduling and making electronic payments to your vendors – which means no more cheques, wires, or manual payments.
What HR functions can you automate?
A: PayEvo empowers people leaders with tools to automate daily tasks. From employee self-service to guided company on-boarding, your staff will enjoy transparent access to their pay history, year end tax slips, and easy hour reporting capabilities.
What about tax updates?
The service is always up to date with the latest tax rules and legislative changes. Our team is always vigilant – so when last minute changes take place, like the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, we’re ready to support those changes that very day without delay.
Aren’t benefits too expensive for my company?
A: Not necessarily. PayEvo is the only service that actively finds the lowest cost insurance benefits for your team. Trusted by Canada’s largest insurers, you’ll get accurate, real-time pricing to help you build the best plan for your team.
Interested in a benefits plan different from traditional insurance? Your PayEvo account gives your staff access to a no-fee health-spending account (HSA) where you control the expenses. Every Canadian deserves coverage – and with PayEvo, you don’t have to spend a lot to ensure your employees are happy and cared for.