Research Team

Our research team is constantly innovating the way that we interact with business.

What is PayEvo Research Team?

Our research team is comprised of academics who are interested in helping push change for Canadian businesses.

Our Team Members

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Annabelle Sauve

Annabelle is an MSc student within the School of Computing at Queen’s University. She is currently working as a software developer in the research and development team at PaymentEvolution.

Katie Van Luven

My name is Katie and at PE I work primarily on the backend in logic programming. I'm also a PhD student at Carleton University in Cognitive Science/Linguistics.

Colin Dalby

Focused on the innovation that occurs at the intersection of technology and business, Colin is dedicated to delivering products that provide value to PaymentEvolution's users.

Asifur Rahman

I am in my final year in Department of Computer Science at Carleton University. I like working with app development as it challenges me with solving new problems and also gives me an opportunity to learn more about the industry and the technologies. In my free time I like experimenting with various technologies in related fields which gives me a new insight on a potential use case and gaming with my friends.

Sabrina Burr

Sabrina Burr has been a research intern at Payment Evolution since 2020. Sabrina has a PhD in Cognitive Science and a passion for statistics. She also currently works as a postdoctoral research fellow in developmental cognitive neuroscience at the University of British Columbia.

Deniz Askin

I am a Carleton University PhD Student in Cognitive Science, specializing in Natural Language Processing. I have been studying under Professor Raj Singh since Fall 2016. My thesis is on Transformer based neural machine translation and semantic parsing. I have been working as a research assistant at Payment Evolution since 2020 and have worked on projects involving virtual assistants and chatbots. I also have been working at the Department of National Defence as a Student Researcher since Spring 2021. Over the past four years I have primarily worked with Python (in particular with Tensorflow). However, I have also been involved in projects using C# and Java. Although Natural Language Processing is my specialty, many areas of neural-network based machine learning interest me and I like to keep track of recent development in many AI-related areas using Tensorflow.

Raj Singh

Raj Singh is Professor in Department of Cognitive and Carleton University and he leads the research collaboration between PaymentEvolution and Carleton University. Dr. Singh received his bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto, his master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam, and his PhD at MIT. He has supervised dozens of students, and has published in top-tier international journals focused on logic, language, computation, cognition, and their intersection. He has received research funding from provincial and federal funding agencies, and his research has been publicized in media outlets such as the CBC, the Boston Globe, and MIT News.