Canadian Payroll for Oracle NetSuite

Canada's most loved payroll is now available for Oracle NetSuite. This frictionless two-way integration allows business owners like you to streamline HR and payroll processes while keeping your finances in order.

The Benefits of PaymentEvolution + Oracle NetSuite

    PaymentEvolution’s Payroll calculates net-to-gross pay, tracks all remittances and automates payments to staff, vendors, and government authorities. In addition, PayEvo Payroll integrates with NetSuite’s general ledger, allowing users to allocate payroll burdens accurately and efficiently. Additionally, PayEvo Payroll is synchronized with SuitePeople for seamless employee management and single entry of crucial employee data. Employee management has never been easier.


PayEvo Features

    Flexible Custom benefits, deductions and even unique earnings are easily handled. Simple, wizard-based processing ensures payroll is run right the first time. Cost-effective Your service is billed in CAD currency and includes T4s/RL1s/ROEs. Tax assistance Tax deductions are fast and painless - we do them right the first time. Easy to use PaymentEvolution Payroll is easy to set up with a simple, headache-free, online account. Dedicated account manager Payroll, HR, and benefits experts are always available to help with employee situations. Efficient Our advanced system allows you to run payroll in as little as five minutes (maybe even less).

PayEvo Payroll and Oracle NetSuite

    For your finance team PayEvo Payroll accurately tracks all payroll burdens and synchronizes to your GL. Payroll costs are accurately allocated back to NetSuite financials without clumsy CSV imports. Save hours of setup time and get a real-time view of your financials. For your HR and team leads Our new two-way integration allows business owners to synchronize employee details so that HR and team leaders can onboard employees easily, or process payroll for your Canadian staff. Finally, eliminate double entry and keep accurate staff profiles. For your business Oracle NetSuite powers your business back-office, and with PayEvo Payroll you now have an all-in-one ERP + HR + Payroll + Payments solution to streamline your operations.


Canada's easiest and most comprehensive payroll for Oracle NetSuite

    HR and Finance teams finally can agree on one tool to manage staff and payroll. PaymentEvoluton Payroll is easy to use for payroll administrators. Pay runs are completed in just a few clicks - no training required. Have unique rules, earnings or deductions you need to calculate? PaymentEvolution is the most comprehensive payroll service for Oracle NetSuite. Easily customize the service to fit your business. All financial transactions are mapped correctly to your Oracle ledger - no more sloppy copying and pasting transactions.

Seamless Set-Up

    It’s easy to get started with PaymentEvolution. You can set up an account in minutes right from your NetSuite account. Begin running payroll with full-Canadian tax compliance with Canada's most trusted service. Gross to net payroll is streamlined and quick. Finish processing and NetSuite Financials are automatically updated with payroll costs - and everything is allocated to the correct GL. Employee profiles are in sync - no more double-entry or onboarding staff into multiple systems.

Pay your workforce

We take all the work out of payroll so you can focus on growing your business. We take care of everything - from calculating and remitting payroll taxes to processing employee contributions and benefits. PayEvo Payroll is accurate, easy and available 24/7.

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