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With an employee benefits package, your employees know that their health is taken care of and they’ll stay with you for the long haul.

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Choosing a health plan can be confusing - and that's where we come in. We work with you to create an affordable benefits package that suits your needs.


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Affordable health and dental benefits for your employees.

Life insurance

Provide financial support for your employees and their families in case of illness, accident, or tragedy.

Travel insurance

Keep your team covered with out-of-country medical insurance. They can access the help they need, wherever they need it.

Pet insurance

Who could forget about pets? Pet insurance ensures your team has access to affordable care for their companions.

Health Spending Accounts (HSAs)

HSAs are an inexpensive way to offer tax-free health benefits to your employees - you can write off 100% of the costs.

Compatible with Canadian accounting software

All of our benefits options are compatible with any Canadian accounting software.

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