Expert Training

PaymentEvolution Training

New to payroll?

Our introduction to PaymentEvolution Payroll will get you up an running in under 30 minutes. We'll show you how to setup your company, create custom pay rules and give your employees online access to their pay history.

Advanced training

  • Setup and configure connections to your accounting system
  • Create, verify and send tax documents (T4, RL1 etc)
  • Year-end steps - exporting your data, reconciling your payments

About the sessions

We provide dedicated one to one training from our knowledgeable experts for only $99/session. Sessions are booked at your convenience (just request a date and time - and we'll get one of our payroll experts to help you) and are delivered over the web. You'll receive a link to start your session and you'll be able to attend anywhere you have an internet connection.

Enroll in a custom 1:1 session

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