Business Plans
$ 0 /month

no monthly fees

50¢ direct deposit
Beautiful electronic payslips
Simple payroll calculations
Standard pay rules
Always updated
Secure online access
1 user role
up to 5 employees
One time $55 setup for ePay
$ 22 /month

billed annually

50¢ direct deposit
Electronic or print options
Advanced payroll calculations
Tax Slips T4, T4A, RL1
ROE Records of Employment
PayChequer and employee self-service
Dynamic reports
3 user roles
up to 25 employees
$ 1.50 /employee /run

$50 min/month

All features of the business plan plus:
direct deposit (included)
Dynamic & Custom reports
5 user roles
up to 500 employees
One time $99 setup
$50 per pay run
Add benefits management to Business+ for only $1 more/employee. Monthly min $100
Add project costing to Business+ for only $1 more/employee. Monthly min $100
I have been using PaymentEvolution for more than 3 years for multiple businesses, and I have saved a lot of money from hiring bookkeeping services. It is so easy to use, and they submit all government payroll remittances. T4's are easy to generate at year end.
Sherwin Shao
DBA Pro Corp
Our experience with PaymentEvolution has been fantastic. The sales and support staff were extremely helpful in getting our account and ePay set up. They are always available on the phone when I call in. I love Paychequer for employee self-service and would highly recommend PaymentEvolution!
Jose Batista

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$0 /month

no monthly fees


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$22 /month

on annual billing


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$1.50 /employee

per pay run (min $50/month)
Create T4 / RL1
Company Tax Summary
Create ROE
Electronic Payslips
Print cheques  
Print reports / PDF  
Off-cycle pay runs  
Pay Rules  
Vacation rules  
Custom GL    
Custom Employee Numbers    
Direct Deposit 50¢ per transaction1 50¢ per transaction1 Included2
Add-ons 1
Project Costing    
Employee import    
Timesheet import    
User roles 1 3 5
Employees up to 5 up to 25 up to 500
History 3 years 7 years Unlimited
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1 There are no monthly fees, file fees or submission fees for this service. There is a one time $55 setup fee for your source (business) account for electronic payments.

2 There are no monthly fees, file fees or submission fees for this service. There is a one time $99 setup fee for this plan. Note: minimum monthly billing of $50 applies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to signup?

No, a credit card is not necessary to sign up. Our plans come with a free 15 day trial for you to evaluate. After the trial you'll be prompted to enter your credit card details to continue.

Can I migrate from another payroll service?

Yes! You can move from another payroll service any time during the year. All you need are the latest payslips for each employee so we can carry forward your payroll calculations for you.

What about direct deposit?

You can enroll in our electronic payment services under any plan. Direct deposit is available for only 50¢ per transaction with no monthly minimums, "file fees" or fixed charges. There is a one time $55 setup fee to get you started.

What about tax updates?

The service is always up to date with the latest tax rules and legislative changes. You don't need to install anything, run patches or worry about expensive yearly updates.